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Episode 111 - Beautiful Silk
Blouses for All

This episode will give you the confidence to make beautiful silk blouses. Silk is a strong fiber that is easy to wash and take care of. It is important that we understand that silk is the easiest fabric to maintain if we know that it is silk and know the properties of silk.

In this episode Jeannie, the model, is being fitted in:
#600 Classic Blouse.

In this episode, on the mannequinns left to right, #425 Craig's Blouse, #600 Classic Blouse, #600 Classic Blouse.

On the rack are many blouses inlcuding #425 Craig's Blouse (red), and #525 Sandy's Blouse(blue).

On the table:
#611 Maggie's Blouse.

In this episode Peggy Sagers is wearing:
#200 Kate's Blouse and #211 Nina's Top.

Notions used in this episode:
French Curve
Kai Scissors.

*Sewing Tip: Learn to insert piping for that extra touch to your blouses!

*Fashion Tip: White Blouses work all year long, they are seasonless!

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