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Episode 103 - The Sleeve. Up, Down and All Around

In this episode, we discover the importance of the relationship of the armhole and the sleeve to one another.

The Mannequinns are dressed (left to right) using patterns #500 Tank Top / Pleated Top, #113 Sunny's Top, #600 Classic Blouse, and #4200 Sheath Dress.

Pattern #900 Carol's Jacket and retail jean jacket shown on demo table.


In this episode Peggy Sagers is wearing:
#112 Kacy's 5-Way Top
#115 Ann's Top.

Learn about related topics on DVD:
Success From The Start.

Watch this episode on YouTube! Click Here.

*Sewing Tip: Set in the blouse sleeve by using 3/8 inch seam allowance. Put the sleeve on the bottom on both the serger and the sewing machine.

*Fashion Tip: Learn to create your own personal lookbook.

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